Texas Instruments – Training Portal

About TI:

TI is a well-known American company that has a presence in most countries in the world. Aside from calculators, TI is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors and microchips. There are TI parts in a vast number of consumer end equipment. TI gears their parts toward a niche group who we want to choose TI parts to be in their designs: Engineers.

User testing shows generally that engineer’s design taste is known to be no-nonsense and anti-marketing. A unique challenge for the online designer.



TI is committed to training in a big way. Each year TI produces hundreds of training videos to help engineers better utilize TI parts. As well there is online training and traveling live seminars that offer intense instruction. We heeded a portal where users could access all training at a glance. Sort functionality and keyword searching was key. The site is also fully responsive.

For UX details please check this post.



Responsive views: tablet and mobile